Chris Pratt expresses desire to visit Pakistan one day

Hollywood actor Chris Pratt has unleashed a wave of excitement within fans in Pakistan after he announced that he hopes to visit the country one day.

The Guardians of The Galaxy star had publicized his intentions to visit Pakistan one day, responding to a tweet sent his way from a fan dwelling in Pakistan.

The fan stating “#JurassicWorld love from Pakistan” was replied by the 38-year-old actor who stated: “Love back at you Pakistan! I had a cool Bowie knife growing up that was made in Pakistan. It said Made in Pakistan right on the blade.”

The Jurassic World actor went on to add: “Hope to visit one day!”

Right after the actor’s Pakistan appreciation tweet, Twitter users in the country became ecstatic at the mention of their country.

“It’s a beautiful diverse country mate. Don’t believe the hype you hear in biased western media. It’s safe and you’ll be most welcomed and be amazed by the hospitality of Pakistanis!

Pakistan the land of the dinosaur #Pakisaurus from #JurassicWorld” stated one twitter user.

Some took it as an opportunity to score a point in the everlasting India-Pakistan banter, saying: “Bruhhhh yess. All the Indian haters be flamin Pakistan for buying Chris Pratt. Love to Indian tho cuz they lit.”

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